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X FACTOR 2009….

Posted in X FACTOR TALK with tags , , , , , on October 11, 2009 by Made Up With MAKEUP

It has to be said I am a big fan of X Factor.  So much so I even managed to squeeze it into my holiday last weekend.  Luckily for me the bar owner was a big fan too so I got my weekend fix :-).  I love to watch it, not only for the singing but to see how each singer/group will be styled. 

The show was opened by singer Rachel Adedeji singing a Robbie Williams number.  I couldn’t concentrate on her singing as I felt her makeup and sparkly jumper were taking over!!! I was not one bit surprised when Simon said her makeup was ‘repulsive’. 

Tonight Rachel had to battle it out with Kandy Rain to remain in the show.  Although I like Kandy Rain too, I did hope Rachel would stay, purely just to see how she will be styled next week.  Although women of colour can wear bright colours, I felt Rachel’s vibrant  pink lips/cheeks and green eyes was very OTT and the cherry on the cake was the ’80s style jumper!! Hellooo, what was the stylist/MUA thinkin…

Another singer that had work done to her hair was Stacey. I’m a big fan of Stacey’ too. (Okay I basically like them all) But to be honest, I didn’t get her new fringe!! Perhaps others felt this way too. In tonight’ show not only was Rachel’s makeup altered so too was Stacey’ hair.  Stacey looked much prettier and I did prefer Rachel’ makeup but that jumper should be burned!! burned I say!!]

I couldn’t find any pics yet but check out her singing.   Anyhow that’s my rant over…