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Been a while since I’ve blogged.. Well nothing better than a makeover to motivate me to clean out my kit!! Oh my gosh I really do have a lot of stuff..Had to throw out some products which were close to sell by date and some of  which had broken and were causing havoc in my makeup case…Let’s just say my little girl was more than happy to take some of the lippys off my hands! Really can’t get enough of the individual lashes for makeovers. You can go very natural with them or really plump up the volume!!

Here’s some pics of what a makeup artist has in their stash…This is not even half…Was some job to get through 🙂


Seasonal Makeup – Some Fabulous Products at Estee Lauder…

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Just a quick blog to say the party season is here and as well as the perfect LBD, we also need some fabulous makeup…

Here are some great buys @ Estee Lauder – This double wear  shadow cream in ‘Silver Star’  lasts for up to 15hrs and costs only €20.  It’s sooo easy to use ‘Simple Smokey’.. A must for party girls of all ages!!  Plus this shadow will still look great on you in summer…

Double Wear foundation lasts up to 15hrs..won’t smudge..Powder is optional..comes in lots of shades and gives good coverage without being a mask! Brides will love this product, so too will all of you who can’t be bothered retouching your makeup…How cool is that!!!

This Shimmer powder is a must for this time of year and can be used all year round for highlight to the cheekbone or brow bone. Or all over for a ‘holiday glow’…

Lip gloss set with 6 glosses and gold purse…Perfect way to complete your party look or gift for your nearest and dearest….


Product Review….

Posted in Make-up Buys on October 9, 2009 by Made Up With MAKEUP

So I finally got to try the Bobbi Brown nude eyeshadow palette which ultimately led to a purchase!!  The verdict is I really like it.  Saved myself a couple of Euros by buying in Duty Free too.  What you get for your hard earned cash is six shades and the textures range from matt, metallic  to shimmer.    As travelling light is something I can find difficult, this product is really handy.  It’s slimline, has a mirror and what’s really cool is the shadows are in duo (2 per compartment) which you can pop out and exchange with either blush or foundation.  So basically one could bring their foundation, blush and shadow all in one handy palette if needs be.  I found the caviar shade doubled up as a good liner and the metallic shades applied with a damp brush helped to create a really metallic eye.  I tried some shades on my friend Helen who has a more sallow complexion and hazel eyes and loved the results…This would make a great gift!!

I use Bobbi Brown Professional MUA palette which contains all shades of concealers/correctors.  I suggested to Helen the eye concealers which comes with a sheer lightweight powder.  This actually comes with a puff also which is really cool.  You get your concealer, powder & puff to set!! How perfect is that…

So a big thumbs up for these two products…

Duty Free Shopping….

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Getting really excited as I always do prior to a trip.  Why, well simply because of Duty Free Shopping!!  I’ve rang ahead and the Bobby Brown nude pallette is in stock.  Yipeee, cannot wait to buy it, try it and talk about it.  So will let you know how Duty Free shopping goes and if I come across any other beauty must-haves….

On my last trip abroad, I came across a brand KIKO.  This brand were in Ireland at one stage but alas no more….  The products were so cheap.  I purchased some shadows, a gold body glitter and a fabulous gloss lippy in a stick (pretty much likes a lip glaze)….I believe they can be bought in Spain, Italy and Germany etc. Will certainly be looking out for more of these products…Cheap and cheerful, gotta love it!!


Wish List….

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Hi All,

Pretty tired today, been doing alot of jogging/walking plus was very privileged to see some great photographers in action yesterday.  I got to work with a beautiful model in studio and outdoors at some great locations…Really excited to get the pics…

Anyhows getting onto the topic ‘Wish List’, well I’ve decided over time to put up some links to products that I simply must have!!

So todays one is the new Bobby Brown Autumn product ‘Nude eyes Palette’   Haven’t had the time yet to pop in store to investigate further but I have a strong feeling I’ll like it….