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Foundation Talk – Part I

Posted in foundation talk with tags , , , , , , on September 19, 2009 by Made Up With MAKEUP

Okay, some more info on foundation.  Just to reiterate the function of foundation is to even out skin tone.  Now firstly what skin type are you (a) Oily (b) Dry (c) Normal-combination????  This plays an important part in determining the correct product to use. 

(A) – Oily:

Powder is a must….You could opt for a powder compact or an oil-free foundation with powder to set…

Available in many shades

Available in many shades

Armani Luminous Silk

Oil-Free Foundation









 (B)- DRY

Powder foundations would be too drying so better to use a creamy or moisture rich liquid  foundation. Mac Moisture Blend Steer clear of matt foundations….

 MAC Moisture Blend Compact

Comes with sponge (Happy Days) *Don’t forget to clean your sponge weekly and discard monthly….



(C) – Normal to Combination:

Powder compact could be used.  Liquid foundation also followed with powder to set.


My experience with my own skin plus coming across many skin types, has lead me to believe that one may have dry skin or oily skin but there can be areas on the face which may need to be treated a little differently.  For e.g. picture this – It’s winter, the heating is on, the harsh winds blowing, it is possible you could suffer with some dry spots on the face i.e. the cheek area perhaps.  So you would apply your foundation as usual.  Perhaps opt to skip any powder over the cheek area and use a cream blush rather than a powder one!

I will talk about skin types, products and ways to determine your type in a later blog.

Rushing off to see X Factor…Love to see Cheryl and Danni’ makeup…




Laying the foundations….

Posted in foundation talk with tags , , , , on September 6, 2009 by Made Up With MAKEUP

Oh my, I really do hate it when girls get the totally wrong foundation for their skin tone.  In Ireland, we have a lot of pale girls (myself included) and sometimes Irish girlies like to go up a few tones in foundation, thinking that they are helping their skin to look more tanned…Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that and alot of them end up looking like Oompa Loompas.  As a makeup artist, I love skin and there is nothing more flattering than foundation that evens out your natural skin tone (which is what foundation is all about in the first place).  My motto is try before you buy, so don’t be afraid to ask the sales assistant for a sample to try at home.  Maybe ask a friend’s opinion if it helps…