Seasonal Makeup – Some Fabulous Products at Estee Lauder…

Just a quick blog to say the party season is here and as well as the perfect LBD, we also need some fabulous makeup…

Here are some great buys @ Estee Lauder – This double wear  shadow cream in ‘Silver Star’  lasts for up to 15hrs and costs only €20.  It’s sooo easy to use ‘Simple Smokey’.. A must for party girls of all ages!!  Plus this shadow will still look great on you in summer…

Double Wear foundation lasts up to 15hrs..won’t smudge..Powder is optional..comes in lots of shades and gives good coverage without being a mask! Brides will love this product, so too will all of you who can’t be bothered retouching your makeup…How cool is that!!!

This Shimmer powder is a must for this time of year and can be used all year round for highlight to the cheekbone or brow bone. Or all over for a ‘holiday glow’…

Lip gloss set with 6 glosses and gold purse…Perfect way to complete your party look or gift for your nearest and dearest….



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