Dramatic Smokey Eyes…


I came across these images and really love the makeup.  Smokey eye looks but rather than the usual blacks and greys being used, some colour has been injected. Love it!!

Modern Gothic - MUA Shawnelle Prestidge


Emerald Green and Aubergine!!

Green Liner and nude lips…




  BLUE SMOKE               Blue SmokeBlue Smoke                                                                          



Lovin the finished product here to the right…Ideas for future shoots!!

Although these images are old, smokey eyes never go out…I find I’m wearing more and more black out at weekends, so I want to inject colour where possible. I’ll definitely start with the eyes!!

Violet DramaVIOLET DRAMA!!!

Lovin the drama of this look…

These looks are very much autumnal, although smokey eyes rock at any time. I’ll do some more looks for the party season soon. Mel


2 Responses to “Dramatic Smokey Eyes…”

  1. softballgirl78 Says:

    Wow these are good pictures. I love the fact that they infused color in the look, a good twist on the classic smokey eye. I am trying to find new makeup looks to try. I will have to try these (maybe not so heavy though :))

    • Made Up with Makeup Says:

      Tks for your comments…Yeah I thought I’d put these up as some people don’t realise u can use colour for smokey eyes! They are very wearable but as u say toned down a little.Mel

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