Shoot in Glen of the Downs….

Headed off early Friday morning and met with photographers David Frain and Stephen Wall Morris in Wicklow.  My beautiful model for the day was Patricia Ward.  As you can see she’s an Irish beauty who looks a little like Isla Fisher!!  We had a nice hike (20 mins approx) up to the ruins (well nice if you have no bags to carry !!!!

Steve’s idea for the shoot was to create a ferral, unkempt woman who has had no human contact.  His final pictures will be in black and white.

Trisha’ hair was slightly backcomed, some twigs added and the ends sprayed with water. I heavily contoured under her cheekbones and I used mainly grey and black on the eyes creating a dark, sunken effect.  Using the same colours, I smudged these into the lips and along the bottom lip.  I used a little highlight to centre of eyes and centre of lips.  Her dress was dirtied up as was her neck, arms, legs etc. Patricia Ward









Prior to  the above , I created a natural fairyesque look.  Considering we were in the forest and taking into account Trisha’ red hair, I chose green and brown shadows and brown mascara together with a little purple liner for the eyes which helped her hazel eyes pop.  I opted to use a rose liquid blush and pink natural lip colour.  I matched her brows up to her hair colour using powder shadow. Her foundation and powder were matched up to her skintone, followed by eye concealer. 

Trish - Fairyesque Look

Trish - Fairyesque Look

Given that the shoot was a good trek uphill and I had done this once before, I had brought the wellies along and had to bring a limited supply of makeup!! Those that know we, know I love my trolley case but on this occasion I had to bring a small bag -hmmmn maybe I have too many products!!

Dave and Steve kindly allowed myself and Trish a little look through the pics and I can’t wait to see what they do with them. Will post a couple when I have them.  For the moment you’ll have to do with my basic snapshots!! Dave and Steve taught me some more about light and the equipment and its purposes. So a great day all in all.

One Response to “Shoot in Glen of the Downs….”

  1. I love the blusher in the Fairy look. She looks naturally glowing. Beautiful!

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