Product Review….

So I finally got to try the Bobbi Brown nude eyeshadow palette which ultimately led to a purchase!!  The verdict is I really like it.  Saved myself a couple of Euros by buying in Duty Free too.  What you get for your hard earned cash is six shades and the textures range from matt, metallic  to shimmer.    As travelling light is something I can find difficult, this product is really handy.  It’s slimline, has a mirror and what’s really cool is the shadows are in duo (2 per compartment) which you can pop out and exchange with either blush or foundation.  So basically one could bring their foundation, blush and shadow all in one handy palette if needs be.  I found the caviar shade doubled up as a good liner and the metallic shades applied with a damp brush helped to create a really metallic eye.  I tried some shades on my friend Helen who has a more sallow complexion and hazel eyes and loved the results…This would make a great gift!!

I use Bobbi Brown Professional MUA palette which contains all shades of concealers/correctors.  I suggested to Helen the eye concealers which comes with a sheer lightweight powder.  This actually comes with a puff also which is really cool.  You get your concealer, powder & puff to set!! How perfect is that…

So a big thumbs up for these two products…

2 Responses to “Product Review….”

  1. I give a thumbs up to your recommendation of the concealer! Have used it a few times now when I have had “early morning old hag” effect and it worked very well. Its easy to get used to doing after a few goes.

  2. Made Up with Makeup Says:

    Glad to hear it’s workin out for ya! Concealer rocks doesn’t it!! Now some food for thought for ya – Bobbi Brown also does some correctors which are pretty cool too, will use one on u sometime and see what u think. Next time u have a break from college, u can be my concealer model for my blog 😉

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