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Duty Free Shopping….

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Getting really excited as I always do prior to a trip.  Why, well simply because of Duty Free Shopping!!  I’ve rang ahead and the Bobby Brown nude pallette is in stock.  Yipeee, cannot wait to buy it, try it and talk about it.  So will let you know how Duty Free shopping goes and if I come across any other beauty must-haves….

On my last trip abroad, I came across a brand KIKO.  This brand were in Ireland at one stage but alas no more….  The products were so cheap.  I purchased some shadows, a gold body glitter and a fabulous gloss lippy in a stick (pretty much likes a lip glaze)….I believe they can be bought in Spain, Italy and Germany etc. Will certainly be looking out for more of these products…Cheap and cheerful, gotta love it!!



Foundation Talk – Part I

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Okay, some more info on foundation.  Just to reiterate the function of foundation is to even out skin tone.  Now firstly what skin type are you (a) Oily (b) Dry (c) Normal-combination????  This plays an important part in determining the correct product to use. 

(A) – Oily:

Powder is a must….You could opt for a powder compact or an oil-free foundation with powder to set…

Available in many shades

Available in many shades

Armani Luminous Silk

Oil-Free Foundation









 (B)- DRY

Powder foundations would be too drying so better to use a creamy or moisture rich liquid  foundation. Mac Moisture Blend Steer clear of matt foundations….

 MAC Moisture Blend Compact

Comes with sponge (Happy Days) *Don’t forget to clean your sponge weekly and discard monthly….



(C) – Normal to Combination:

Powder compact could be used.  Liquid foundation also followed with powder to set.


My experience with my own skin plus coming across many skin types, has lead me to believe that one may have dry skin or oily skin but there can be areas on the face which may need to be treated a little differently.  For e.g. picture this – It’s winter, the heating is on, the harsh winds blowing, it is possible you could suffer with some dry spots on the face i.e. the cheek area perhaps.  So you would apply your foundation as usual.  Perhaps opt to skip any powder over the cheek area and use a cream blush rather than a powder one!

I will talk about skin types, products and ways to determine your type in a later blog.

Rushing off to see X Factor…Love to see Cheryl and Danni’ makeup…



Wish List….

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Hi All,

Pretty tired today, been doing alot of jogging/walking plus was very privileged to see some great photographers in action yesterday.  I got to work with a beautiful model in studio and outdoors at some great locations…Really excited to get the pics…

Anyhows getting onto the topic ‘Wish List’, well I’ve decided over time to put up some links to products that I simply must have!!

So todays one is the new Bobby Brown Autumn product ‘Nude eyes Palette’   Haven’t had the time yet to pop in store to investigate further but I have a strong feeling I’ll like it….


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Put on your Pearls!!

Just wanted to share some shots I got back from a recent shoot.  Peter Burke took some amazing shots of the lovely Sarah aka BlackSwanPersona.  Hope you like….Inspired by Papparazzi Video by Lady Gaga

Strobist Ireland…

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Last month was Strobist Ireland’s fifth meet.  I’m very proud to say I’ve been attending since the very beginning and now know lots of up and coming talented photographers.  The models have been wonderful to work with and through this group I have gained valuable knowledge of skin tones and skin types, enabling me to further my makeup skills.  Last months location was a popular beach in North Dublin and was actually my first beach shoot.  Was great fun on the day, not so great with the cleaning of the kit afterwards but was another opportunity to meet some makeup artists in the industry also.

If you’ve ever been to Ireland, you’ll know that the weather can be very wild and wet.  Although it didn’t rain on the day, it was fierce cold and the models were truly awesome.

Anyhows here’s a video of the day, you’ll see me in the background at some point working away 🙂


Natural Makeup

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An example of natural makeup for photographsVintage BrideLocation: Drimnagh Castle, Ireland

Model: Irina



Laying the foundations….

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Oh my, I really do hate it when girls get the totally wrong foundation for their skin tone.  In Ireland, we have a lot of pale girls (myself included) and sometimes Irish girlies like to go up a few tones in foundation, thinking that they are helping their skin to look more tanned…Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that and alot of them end up looking like Oompa Loompas.  As a makeup artist, I love skin and there is nothing more flattering than foundation that evens out your natural skin tone (which is what foundation is all about in the first place).  My motto is try before you buy, so don’t be afraid to ask the sales assistant for a sample to try at home.  Maybe ask a friend’s opinion if it helps…